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As pet owners ourselves, our furkids are just like our very own kids. We only want the best for them and constantly worry about products that may bring harm. Rest assured that our products here at PetsyHome Pet Accessories are carefully screened and are not only harmless, but beneficial for your furkids.

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PetsyHome™ Dog Safety Seat
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I was nervous because shipping info was not clear by delivery company probably the reason was Covid-19 craziness, but customer service was always there and provide help on time. I received finally and I love it! Also my puppy loves the fluffy bed. What I love most is the rainbow color. It is really nice and looks great and magical!!

Perfect service, arrived on schedule, complete value for money. I liked it so much that I have ordered it twice. Top notch Customer Service too. Totally recommend.

These are not only great for the environment and are great to use.. I’ve refined my daily wash of them and now it easy. With 6 I can rotate their use and not run out.. I only wish the color would allow me to see when a section is damp from the urine.. I have to touch to feel it.. visually the color doesn’t change..