PetsyHome™ Sprinkler Pool for Dogs

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Is the blistering summer heat making your fur kid tired and dehydrated? We have the perfect solution! Introducing our PetsyHome™ Sprinkler Pool – your pets can now make the most of the sunny outdoors and the best part – your kids can join them too!

petsyhome sprinkler pool fountain

Kid-friendly – Why should your pets have all the fun? Now all your little ones can make the most of their summer breaks with the sprinkler pad!

petsyhome pool fountain size

Convenient setup, quick drainage – All you have to do is connect the water pipe to the mat using the connector and fill it with water. When you’re done with the fun, you can easily drain the water, wash the mat and hang it to dry.

petsyhome pool fountain how to use

Prevents dehydration – All pets love to soak up that sun while they still can but a major problem they face is dehydration. The sprinkler mat prevents this by providing both – summer fun and hydration in a single, exciting package!

petsy home pool fountain
Durable – The mat is made of double-layer, high-quality PVC - making it sturdy to not only withstand but also encourage the long hours of summer frolicking!
Perfect for any occasion – The mat is a perfect outdoor addition to your lawn or for children’s summer parties. It is suitable for lawns, gardens, swimming pools, parties, and all kinds of celebrations and it makes the perfect gift for anyone with pets and/or kids!


No need for parental supervision of the pool depth
Prevents Pet Dehydration
Cools the body in the summer heat
Easy to wash your pet
Great mood for your pets/children
Sprinkler Pool setup takes 1 minute
No need to clean or change pool water

Material PVC
Color Blue
Size S 100cm x 100cm (39,07in)
Size M 150cm x 150cm (59,05in)
Size L 170cm x 170cm (66,92in)