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As humans, we are not the only ones to suffer from the heat. Our dogs can suffer too and it can happen very fast! And with their thick fur, the possibilities of cooling down are very limited. But like us, they need to have a safe and cool environment.

Cooling Vest can help with that kind of situation. After soaking it in water and wring it, you put it on your dog. The special layer of fabric of the vest allows to absorb and lock the water that evaporates. And with the multiples sizes, you will find the perfect fit for your dog to cover its body and protects it from excessive heat.



EASY TO USE - You soak it in cool water (not in the freezer as you don't want to put your dog in shock) for a few minutes. Once completely soaked, you remove the vest from the water, squeeze the excess water, pat dry it with a towel, and put it on your dog. Repeat when the vest is dry.

DESIGNED FOR YOUR DOG - With multiple sizes available, you will find the perfect fit for your dog's shape to cover the chest and backCooling Vest has also a middle absorbent cotton that holds the water and keeps your dog cool.

FIGHT THE HEAT - Nonetheless, Cooling Vest is made of lightweight material so it is not heavy on your dog, but the soft grey color of the vest reflects the sunlight and provides UV protection.  

EASY TO PUT ON AND OFF - Cooling Vest is made of soft nylon material, so your dog is not restricted in its movements. The zipper on the back makes it super easy to put it on and off and the attachment point makes it perfect for you to buckle your leash up.  

When the temperatures are rising and the weather is hot, our dogs heavily pant, cannot walk too long and need frequent breaks to take shade. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can happen quickly. Their struggle is real and it is our job as their family to help them go through those hot days and keep them hydrated and cool.

Cooling Vest can help to keep your dog cool. After choosing the perfect size for your dog's shape, you soak it in the water, wring it, zip fasten it on your dog and that's it.

Now, your best furry friend is ready to have fun safely, even if it is hot outside!

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